Fiddle Kickstart: Learn your first four tunes in seven easy lessons!

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Dear Fellow Fiddler,

Have you had any of the following thoughts?

I have you been learning to fiddle on my own through YouTube, but I don't feel like I am getting better!

I took lessons when I was a child, but I feel like I have forgotten everything!

I have always wanted to learn the fiddle, but am I too old?

Am I the only one who is struggling?

I have good news for you!

No matter what your age, it is never too late to follow your dream and learn how to fiddle!  

Experience the satisfaction of learning to play an instrument!

Follow this step-by-step method where each skill follows naturally from the last.   Learn to problem-solve and figure out what is wrong with your playing and how to fix it!  Build a solid foundation before moving on to more complicated music.

Here is what my students are saying:

"I just completed Katherine’s Fiddle Kickstart lessons.  The weekly lessons are easy to understand and timely, not too fast a pace. I was able to download and print the music as well as download and listening to the mp3 versions.  I played the songs from her lessons and she gave me very helpful tips to improve and continue on with my practicing. 

I highly recommend these lessons to anyone who wants to learn how to play the fiddle."

- Wendy Pitcher

"Katherine is extremely patient but at the same time she has a very subtle way of challenging me as a student. Through my lessons I have become reacquainted with a part of my brain that has been dormant for a long time. I do not listen to music the same way.  I hear music in everyday sounds that I had never considered musical. A true enlightenment."

- Diane McInnis

"I enjoy playing the fiddle because it is providing a serious challenge in my middle years.  With no music background, everything learned on the violin/fiddle is a joy comparable to a new photographer or artist seeing their first creative images come to life.

It was very fortunate, that when my husband gifted me my first violin 5 years ago this Christmas, he had already chosen Katherine Moller to be my instructor.  I still can't quite believe Katherine accepted me and kept me as a student given my limitations.  She is an excellent teacher who can pick out mistakes and works to correct them immediately."

Leona Hurley

Here is what you get when you sign up:

  • lifetime access to the videos, MP3s and downloads so you can revisit the material anytime!
  • 7 video lessons with a total of 65 instructional videos
  • content delivered to you each week so that it won't be overwhelming
  • sheet music for all the exercises and fiddle tunes
  • instruction on how to read sheet music as well as TAB (an easier way to read sheet music)
  • MP3s of each tune and exercise at three speeds (slow, medium, and fast) so you can practice along at whichever speed you need
  • a Facebook community where you can connect with other fiddlers
  • complete start to finish instruction from tuning your fiddle and holding your bow, to playing four tunes


  • Finding A Fiddle - a guide to help you decide whether to rent or purchase, and whether to chose a new violin or a used violin
  • Three months access to "Fiddling-for-Fun" live video calls where you can ask your questions directly
  • An extra fiddle tune "Devil's Dream" to keep you going once you've learned your first four tunes
Katherine Moller
Katherine Moller
Award Winning Fiddler & Music Mentor

About the instructor

I started playing the violin when I was six years old. I took private lessons, played in ensembles, went to camps, and took group lessons. I continued my studies at McGill University and received a Bachelor of Music degree. I then moved to Ireland to study fiddling through private lessons and going to jam sessions in pubs.

My first teaching experience was during university at a local fine arts education school. From that first teaching experience, I then moved on to teaching programs at other schools at elementary, middle and high school levels. I opened my own private studio in 2002, where I teach mostly private lessons, but have also run a fiddle camp, taught groups lessons, and run various ensembles. I was even recognized as Educator of the Year by Music NB in 2015.

I have taught a large range of ages and love working with all age groups. We learn in different ways at different ages, and it is a lot of fun to explore the struggles of each age group and how to surpass them! 

Course Curriculum

Bonus - Finding a Fiddle: What you need to know about buying or renting a violin

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65 Videos

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